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Happening at the Horsehoe Tavern, 370 Queen St. West

Photo by Chris Hazard (Screaming Unyons)

Friday, April 18th:


Friday night
10:00  Dufferin Groove
10:30  CISM
11:00  Crystal Beach Comets
11:30  Beau's Beer Hack
12:00  Holy Deadly Mackinaw Sins
12:30  Bytown Billionaires
1:00    Cosmic Taverneers



Photo By Priscilla Yu (Lookin' To Score)

Photo by Chris Hazard (Screaming Unyons)


Saturday April 19th:

Saturday Night
10:00  Groove Kings
10:30  Morningstars
11:00  Screaming Unyons
11:30  Ottawa Valley Heavy Pucks
12:00  Twisted Bloody Sisters Knuckles
12:30  BlackMRCHHearts
1:00    Meat


Photo by Chris Hazard (Screaming Unyons)


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